A brief history…

Hi there!

I wrote Spend Wise to solve problems – not earth shattering problems – but a little something to make the day go better.

What motivated Spend Wise?

My wife.

When shopping, she kept excellent track of the total.  She didn’t use a calculator.  She didn’t use paper.  To my amazement, when we checked out week after week, we were within a dollar or two of her calculated total and within budget.

“How do you do that?” I asked.

“I round everything up to the nearest dollar then the math is easy and taxes are estimated.”

“Oh, that’s clever.”

She went on, “Yes, it works well except when I am about to go over budget.  I have to choose what to keep and what to put back.  That’s when I won’t recall how much an item costs so I can swap and stay in budget.”

I said to myself, “Surely the world is full of good shopping apps.”  When I asked people what they liked to use,  I heard a consistent theme that went like this,

“Shopping apps are complicated with coupons and screens cluttered with things about which I don’t care.  I try them but always go back to a simple note taking app.”

It seemed good to me to try to meet this need.  I thought, 

“What if I create the most user friendly shopping list I could imagine by thinking about the way people make and organize lists, shop, and stay on budget?” 

I then set my purpose to creating a friendly shopping app.

I wrote the app while soliciting feedback from friends (and some strangers) on how they’d like the app to work.  The result is a simple to use and quality shopping list app.  Try it and let me know what you think.

That, my friends, is the history of Spend Wise.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.